Solicitation Policy in Accordance with the Financial Products Sales Act

In order to conduct fair solicitation for financial products, we will abide by the following five items.

  1. We will recommend appropriate products to our customers in accordance with their degree of knowledge and experience, as well as their wealth.
  2. We will endeavor to make explanations of the product specifications, associated risks and other important issues concerning the products so that customers can fully understand them, in an aim for customers to conduct transactions based on their own judgment.
  3. We will not make any solicitation that might mislead customers, including making decisive statements to customers and providing them with untrue information.
  4. We will not make any solicitation at any period of time or any venue inconvenient or troublesome to customers.
  5. We will work to enrich our training systems and prepare internal rules to ensure appropriate solicitation in line with this solicitation policy.

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